“Whether you are just starting out or well into your career, Confessions of a Global Negotiator is a must read for anyone in business trying to be persuasive and land your point of view. I found the writing to be sharp, witty and peppered with real-life stories from the author’s experience working as an attorney and executive at Microsoft. The pop culture references were entertaining and I loved the Don Draper call out. ‘He had them at Carousel’. He did.”


“Nick skillfully weaves his personal experiences into the chapters and uses these examples to highlight the specific subject matter. The real-world references outlined in the book are brilliant! Nick delivers an entertaining and educational reading experience. It is fast paced read, and is full of many valuable negotiating techniques. The material in this book is a must read to individuals in many professions and industries. After all, everyone is a negotiator at some point in life ...and at work!”


"Nick Psyhogeos conveys guiding principles of leadership and business conduct with class and integrity throughout this book. He shares a generous number of personal examples and scenarios with humor, humility, expertise, and insight, using an easy conversational style. I felt like this highly successful business executive was providing me with direct mentorship, imparting his own experiences to make me better at what I do. Highly recommended.”

NEW! Confessions of a Global Negotiator: A Quick Guide to the 5 Rules Business Development Professionals Need to Close Great Deals is now available for purchase on Amazon -order your copy today! 

About the book: In your role developing new business, closing the deal can be rough stuff. You face demanding clients and hardened negotiators who fixate on "no" unless and until they get their way.

In Confessions of a Global Negotiator, you will learn firsthand from someone with 25 years of front-line deal experience the single most powerful weapon for neutralizing difficult opponents and winning over others. It’s you! You see, when seeking to persuade others, your preparation, your pitch and your perseverance are the biggest determinants for winning and losing. And the good news is, they are entirely within your control.

You will learn the importance of and best practices for:

  • Evaluating the motivations and interests of the other side

  • Determining the needs, weaknesses and Achilles heel of the other side

  • Defining and selling benefits and the value exchange

  • Taking and maintaining leadership over the negotiation

  • Painting a picture of success, for your opponent

  • Maintaining a set of behavioral attributes that will blunt discord
    and drive reciprocity

  • Breaking through impasse on your way to closing a great deal​

If you want to dramatically enhance your confidence in leading negotiations and influencing others, and significantly improve your results in deals, read Confessions of a Global Negotiator today.



Confessions of a Global Negotiator: A Quick Guide to the 5 Rules Business Development Professionals Need to Close Great Deals has been awarded a Gold Award by the Nonfiction Book Awards group!


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