March 14, 2017

In almost all professions, there are job performance reviews between managers and employees. This is a great test for a manager. As with everything else, there are good approaches and not so good ones. I’ll start with examples of poor manager feedback. The manager speaks in generalities: “You’re not strategic.” They exaggerate: “You never hit your numbers” or “You’re always late with your reports.” They lack proportionality or perspective: “You missed this meeting” without acknowledging time pressures of a major assignment that may have led to it. They also are loaded with first-time critiques and pent-up surprises. This will sound familiar to many of us, on the receiving—and perhaps even the delivery—end.

All too often managers approach per...

March 9, 2017

Before you enter the negotiating room, there are a number of steps you need to take if you want to leave the table with the biggest possible slice of the pie.

Here is a checklist of the types of questions you’ll want to work through heading in. The first set relates to preparation required to solidify your position and the second relates to information essential to understanding that of your opponent.

Your Position:

·        What are your objectives?

·        What are your must-haves and non-negotiables?

·        What is your economic walk-away (or bottom line) position?

·        Who are your key stakeholders?...

February 28, 2017

I lived and worked in Europe for four years in the early 2000’s. I recall my first trip to Waitrose supermarket while living in the UK. It looked mostly familiar. Fruits and vegetables at one end; bread, dairy, and meat at the other; and gray processed foods in between. I soon learned it was different. Within minutes of each other I made the missteps of both asking a stocking clerk where I could find the English muffins (they’re called white muffins) and requesting sliced American cheese (there was no such thing) from the deli counter.

I also have spent a good part of the past 10 years working primarily with Asian companies, making perhaps 50 trips across that vast continent, with about half my time in China. There too, I flubbed many a meet...

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