As founder and CEO of Global Negotiations, LLC, Nick has 25 years of negotiating experience as a trial lawyer, business leader, and most recently as President of Microsoft Corp's patent subsidiary. Nick's work has taken him all over the world, including Europe, where he lived and worked from 2001-2005, leading Microsoft's Legal Affairs in Northern Europe (based in London) and Central and Southern Europe (based in Paris), as well as Asia, where he concentrated his business negotiating deals with PC and phone OEMs from 2005-2016. 

As the lead of Microsoft's patent licensing practice, Nick and his team closed more than 200 deals with some of the most prominent companies in the IT industry. Among others, Nick was Microsoft's lead negotiator in ground-breaking deals with two Chinese companies in 2016 - Lenovo and Xiaomi (see coverage below).

Prior to that, Nick spent eight years as Microsoft's Vice President in charge of Windows pricing and licensing with OEM partners. He successfully led Microsoft's OEM business through the final five years and ultimate expiration of the Department of Justice (DOJ) Consent Decree in May 2011 as part of the DOJ anti-trust action against Microsoft. 

Nick started his career as an IP litigator in private practice and as Microsoft's Anti-Piracy Enforcement lead for the US East Coast, during which he commenced over 100 federal lawsuits against counterfeiters of Microsoft software. 


Key testimonials, awards and media coverage:


  • Xiaomi awarded "Asia's Deal of the Year" by IPBC (December 2016)

  • Microsoft awarded "Best In-House IP Licensing Group" by Managing IP Magazine (March 2014)

“Psyhogeos has plenty of dealmaking experience under his belt – and his track record of successful negotiations and partnerships in Asia, and in China in particular, is likely to translate into high demand for his advisory services. [Nick] led Microsoft’s continued efforts to license Android device manufacturers and had a hand in some of its most significant patent-driven deals in recent years. Among these were a string of licence agreements signed with some of Asia’s top tech companies, including Canon, Fuji Xerox, Acer, Asus, Wistron, Rakuten and Funai. Psyhogeos was also involved in the negotiation of Microsoft’s wide-ranging deals with Xiaomi and Lenovo last year. The agreement with the former, which saw Xiaomi acquire close to 1,500 Microsoft patents and commit to shipping the US company’s Office and Skype applications with its mobile devices, won the ‘Asia Deal of the Year’ award at last month’s IPBC Asia in Shanghai.” - Microsoft Consolidates IP Functions Under Minhas After Departure of Licensing Chief Psyhogeos (IAM Magazine, Jan. 11, 2017)

Microsoft and Xiaomi Expand Partnership to Bring Productivity Services to Millions of Devices and Customers (Microsoft News)

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Microsoft to Preload Office and Skype on Millions More Android Devices Under New Lenovo Deal (GeekWire)

"Acer will be bunclding the full Office suite with an unspecified number of new phones and tablets from later this year, another major success for Microsoft. Under Satya Nadella, the company has moved to make all its core software products available on every platform...the strategy is paying off for Microsoft."Microsoft Apps Doing Better Than Ever on Android (Digital Journal)

Microsoft, GoPro enter patent licensing deal related to 'wearable technologies' (GeekWire)

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GoPro Shares Rise on Microsoft Licensing Deal (CNBC)

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