Global Negotiations, LLC is a consulting firm dedicated to improving employee skills for negotiations and persuasive advocacy, and business outcomes for corporations in Intellectual Property (IP) and complex commercial transactions. In a world where 140-character Twitter feeds, texting and WeChatting increasingly serve as our primary communication vehicles, developing employee negotiation skills is more essential today than ever before. 

Founded by CEO, Nick Psyhogeos, a lawyer and business leader with over two decades of experience negotiating complex IP and commercial deals, Global Negotiations delivers training and consulting services that synthesize the keys to negotiation success and improved results through straightforward, digestible methods that you'll be able to immediately implement in your deals and negotiations. Training focuses mainly on that which you can control in your negotiations and business presentations - your behaviors. Your preparation, your pitch and your perseverance are the most powerful factors for success or failure in your negotiations. The best part? You are in complete control of them. 

“Nick Psyhogeos is uniquely qualified to assist a range of people who wish to navigate the complicated Chinese market. We had the privilege of welcoming Nick to Harvard University’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, where he met a diverse international group of diplomats and other professionals to share his insights on negotiations and on intellectual property deals in China. His many years of experience in the region have allowed him to gain valuable insights in how to do business in other cultures. As our group of international leaders learned, the lessons of doing business in China in sensitive areas such as intellectual property also have important implications for policymaking.”


Kathleen S. Molony, Ph.D. 

Director, Weatherhead Scholars Program

Weatherhead Center for International Affairs

Harvard University


outcomes you can expect

Greater confidence
Your confidence in negotiations will increase dramatically
by learning how to optimize pre-negotiation preparation.

Faster close cycles
You will learn how to cut through avoidable posturing
and secure consensus through significantly accelerated
negotiation cycles.

Better ROI
You will land better and more valuable deals by learning
how to pitch the value exchange to the other side, and to
expand the pie of benefits for both parties.


Nick leads all engagements
When you hire GN, you're hiring Nick, along with his
diverse background and experience.

Our services are expansive
Our services expansively serve employee skill development in negotiations, and improved corporate results in Intellectual Property (IP) and complex commercial negotiations.


We customize our services based on your needs
As a small, principal-led company, GN customizes
trainings, workshops and individual consulting
engagements to meet each client's needs.

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